Career :



Requiem 2005 Oil/canvas
Requiem 2005 Oil/canvas


1961    birth by Prefecture Nagasaki, Isahaya City

1983    Nihon University, Department of

             Engineering architectonics graduation

1987    Bunka Gakuin Art night’s school, Hafway leave


1986-99 “Jiyu Bijutu” Art exhibition

1988 -      Tokyo Ten” Art exhibition

     One-man and group exhibition

Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki City  living as of June, 2009




My art conception :



Mind 2008 Oil/canvas
Mind 2008 Oil/canvas

Living of every day
When looking up into the sky
Through my eyelid
Unexpectedly, I got some feeling in my mind deeply.
Something might be seen long time ago like……yearns, nostalgia, excitement.
Without knowing what it is,
However, I begin to walk toward it.
The painting at which I aim is as such.